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5 Projection Design projectors projecting onto curved glass view panelsCisco Systems commissioned Rockport Presentations to design and install a state-of-the-art audio visual system for their new executive briefing centre at Bedfont Lakes in the United Kingdom. The purpose of the executive briefing centre was to provide Cisco with a prestigious, high-tech venue where its staff could meet with visitors from around the world to identify current and future business needs and exchange ideas.

HD Video Conferencing- with people & content, onto 65” LCD screens with 50” plasma screen repeatersOur brief from Cisco was to provide a facility that met the following criteria: 

  • state of the art facilities
  • visually stunning displays
  • utilisation of Cisco media players wherever possible
  • high resolution images displayed at all positions
  • custom audio visual control system


The project focused on four separate areas:

65” LCD screens vertically mounted behind glass facedVisitor walkabout exhibition space: The first area was a glass-faced communications room known as the ‘Fish Bowl’, which housed all the 5 projection design data projectors.

Cisco server equipment for the executive business centre. We installed five high-power LCD projectors at the rear of the room, which projected on to custom-made projection film applied to the rear of the glass. Projectors were driven from Cisco DMP Media Players, which were synchronised to provide a constantly changing video montage across the screens.

Side view of Glass View projectionReception video wall: In the reception area, we installed a 4 x 1 video wall using rimless 40” TFT screens. These were fed from Watch Out servers.

Server and Players: We ensured that the media content was accurately produced and synchronised to display panoramic views of several large European cities across the screens. The high resolution of these images, achieved with HDMI running at full resolution, ensured that the signals could be transmitted over Cisco’s computer network directly to the screens.

65” LCD screens vertically mounted onto floor stand

Product demonstration areas: The product demonstration areas were media rich and set up for key Cisco businesses. They integrated high resolution video screens with Cisco server products, and utilised a central KVM switching system to serve both product demonstration areas. Part of our brief was to install 3 x 65” TFT screens on to sliding glass doors. We achieved this, and carried out the necessary checks and testing on the glass panels. All the systems within these spaces were controlled and operated by the touch screen interface.

Meeting rooms: Seven meeting rooms were fitted out. In each one, we installed two 65” TFT display screens, which were positioned side by side at the front of the room. The video system was configured so that users could select which source, from those available, was to be displayed on each screen at any time. The sources were as follows:

  • video conferencing
  • DVD
  • fixed computer
  • feed from Smart Sympodium located on the lectern
  • laptops connected on the table.

In addition to the sophisticated video system, a high-end audio system was also required; This needed to be multifunctional, allowing not only for programme sound, but also for video and audio conferencing. We installed table-top microphones and ceiling speakers, all of which were connected and controlled by a central BiAmp audio processing system. This provided Cisco with crisp, echo-free audio. 


Rockport Presentations completed the project within the allotted time frame, working in partnership with several key suppliers, and delivered a fully functional state of the art system to Cisco.