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Freud Communications


HD screening room with 120” rear projection screen When Freud Communications relocated to their new offices at Newman Street, London W1, they asked Rockport Presentations to equip the new building with high-quality audio visual facilities. The installation was to be completed in two phases over a one-year period.




  Projection Design projector with Zandar switcher producing a mosaic effectPhase 1: The first phase involved the design of a high definition screening room where Freud could take their clients to showcase their latest media. We installed a Projection Design Cieno 30 projector, with rear projection on to a 120” 16:9 DNP screen, and installed a RBH 7.1 surround sound system. The screening room equipment was controlled by a Crestron Control system. We installed Sony plasma and LCD screens in a number of meeting rooms and boardrooms; all screens had TV running to them via a Cabletime solution.


Boardroom with projector and fixed frame screenPhase 2: Our brief for the second phase was to design a reception area that would capture the attention of visitors in a different light. To achieve this, we installed a Projection Design F1+SX projector and used goo projection paint to turn an angled surface into a high quality projection screen.  The projected image was fed by a Zandar switcher; this allowed the client to have multiple channels displayed at one time, creating a mosaic effect. We equipped a large number of meeting rooms with a range of audio visual facilities, including front projection fixed screens, wall-mounted plasma screens, and LCD screens installed on to high level portable trolleys. Once again, all rooms were controlled with a Creston Control system.


The scope of the project demonstrated Rockport Presentations ability to design and create a stunning and unique space with the aid of the very latest high-quality audio visual equipment.