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In addition to our on-going work, Nationwide selected Rockport Presentations to undertake two major new projects.

  • Head office Boardroom
  • Call Centre - Pegasus House


Head Office Boardroom


Boardroom with recessed projector and electric screenThe boardroom and meeting rooms at Nationwide’s head office were modified with a range of high-quality audio visual equipment. We began with the boardroom, where we installed a 65” screen, a projector recessed on a scissor hoist, and a tab tensioned screen.


Boardroom with 65” plasma & conferencing microphonesThe room was fitted with one master and 24 wireless Sennheiser microphones with voting panels, all of which were centrally controlled with a Crestron Panel. We then turned our attention to the meeting rooms, which we fitted out with 65” plasma screens and video conferencing equipment. Finally, we installed 24” LCD screens in all the directors’ offices for local presentations.


Call Centre- Pegasus House


Call Centre Plasma screens on specialized floor mountsThe second project focused on Nationwide’s new call centre in Swindon, which required plasma screens for presentations and video conferencing to be installed in the open plan areas and six meeting rooms.

Restaurant plasma screensWe anticipated problems with ceiling-mounting the plasma screens in the open areas and restaurant, and worked closely with the designer and contractors to find a solution. We subsequently installed specially manufactured floor mounts which blended in with the décor. All satellite TV over CAT 6 was installed and patched in accordance with Nationwide.