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Interactive Devices

Smart BoardInteractive whiteboards can transform any space into an interactive working, training and learning environment. By simply touching the interactive whiteboard you can:

  • Highlight key points
  • Access applications and websites
  • Write notes in electronic ink

You can then save your work to one file and print, email or post it to a website anywhere in the world.


At Rockport Presentations we supply all the leading manufacturers of Interactive Devices, however, the SMART Board from Smart Technologies is a must if you want to combine projected computer images with an interactive environment. Using revolutionary resistive technology, the SMART Board allows you to interact with desktop applications such as MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

SMART’s latest free software upgrade, version 9, offers many new features to enhance the teaching and learning experience. If you already have a SMART board, click the link below to download the latest version of the operating software for free:

Download the latest version of SMART notebook here

Panels, tablets and overlays: As the popularity of whiteboards has increased, a number of complementary products have come on to the market. Interactive panels enable auditorium-size images to be driven interactively; interactive tablets enable whiteboards to be driven remotely; and interactive overlays have been developed to work with plasma.

Interactive voting systems are used increasingly throughout the public and private sectors to gauge audience opinion and assess the effectiveness of education and training. Interactive voting systems encourage participation, improve comprehension and retention and above all make learning more fun.

Please feel free to contact us for further information on interactive devices.