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Control Systems

AMX and Crestron Control systemsA room control system is a user-friendly interface for operating audio visual equipment. The ‘input devices’ controlled by the system can include a combination of different audio, video and data equipment such as plasma screens, amplifiers, PCs, DVD players, microphones and TV distribution systems.

Typically, an audio visual control system comprises a processor, touch panel or button operated control pad, as well as peripheral components to control lighting, electric screens and blinds.

The two brands of control system which currently dominate the market are Crestron and AMX. Other brands are available which are more cost effective, but these have limited capabilities. Rockport Presentations can help you choose the control system that best suits your application and budget.

What are the advantages of a room control system?

Room control systems are an effective way of operating audio visual equipment in a meeting room, presentation theatre, boardroom, auditorium, lecture theatre or classroom.

They play a vital role in reducing the energy consumption of audio visual equipment, ensuring that the equipment is used in an environmental friendly manner and switched off when not in use.

Rockport Presentations can help you ensure that the system you choose maximises energy efficiency and reflects the responsible environmental practices that are essential for modern business.

How does a room control system work?

Your user interface is a touch panel, ranging in size from 4” to 17”, which facilitates control of any integrated piece of equipment and is operated by simply pressing on-screen command buttons.

The central controller translates information between the touch panel and the connected equipment to obtain the desired results. This could be as simple as controlling a single component or as complex as managing many integrated devices – all at the touch of a button.

Control systems are engineered to communicate with any electronic equipment, such as projectors, plasma display screens, DVD and VCR players, lighting systems, amplifiers, video monitors, thermostats, personal computers and much more.

A control system will simplify the most complex of installations, creating an easy to use, convenient and personalised one-touch solution

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