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Digital Signage

Digital signage productsWith business becoming ever more competitive, the need to deliver your message in an exciting, innovative way is critical.

Digital signage is a system for generating or displaying visual messages on an electronic screen.

The messages, are created using software on a computer, and may consist of a combination of text, graphics and live or stored video images.

Content can be scaled and positioned to fit a defined space on an electronic screen to create a 'custom' view. Data from other sources, such as websites or computers, can also be built in to the content using RSS feeds, ensuring that critical information is always up to date.

The applications for digital signage include:

  • advertising and promotions
  • display of information
  • global enterprise communication
  • employee relations
  • visitor information and schedules
  • interactive kiosks
  • health and safety bulletins

Rockport Presentations has a vast array of digital signage products available. We recommend that you contact us to see which form of digital signage would best suit your application.


  • Offer multifunctional information at any onetime, for example displaying powerpoint, Sky TV & flash file on one screen
  • Distribute the same message at the same time across the country

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