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av installThe installation will be managed by one of our experienced Project Managers, whose role is to ensure the design, specification and programme are delivered, whether it be a single LCD screen or a complex multi-location audio visual system.





Deliverables for an integrated installation include:

Programme - We will provide you with a programme detailing all stages of the project. This will ensure that communications are optimised, with no misinterpretation of the install

Site Deliveries - Inadequate site facilities can sometimes lead to expensive new equipment being damaged or lost. We will set up a designated secure zone for storage of your av equipment prior to installation

Installation - Our project manager and site engineers will install the equipment as per specification and programme

Test & Commission - We recommend that sufficient time is allocated within the programme to ensure the equipment is fully tested successfully

Operating & Maintenance manuals - Upon completion of the project we will handover the O & Ms covering all equipment installed. Key information will include manuals, serial numbers, warranties and training programme