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Rimless Plasma Screens

Rimless plasma screenThe new generation of Infinite Plasma has a reduced seam of just 3.8mm between each panel, as the new generation has no side covers ensuring unbroken continuity of image.

Increased contrast and brightness ratios combined with the new anti – reflective surface, make the screens perfect for high ambient light environments including shopping malls, shop windows and reception areas.






Key features:

  • Less than 5mm gap in multi formations

  • High resolution and very bright image

  • Many size and shape combinations possible

  • Integrated processing

  • Lower power consumption than other multi- displays

  • Slim and fashionable

  • Enhanced Black levels and contrast ratio

  • Anti reflective / Anti glare filter

  • Optional BIC (Burn In Compensation) – availability to be confirmed.

At the forefront of plasma design, the manufacturers have also developed an optional addition of Burn In Compensation ( BIC ) technology. The Screen life is extended through this revolutionary technology, which compensates the sub pixel decay that affects all emissive screens, removing the shadows of static images known as screen burn.